Generator Installation & Services in Limington, Maine


Count on DIRFY Generators in Limington, Maine, to provide you with superior and reliable installation and service on your outdoor standby generator. Not only do we service generators, we install them. We also service generators installed by others and install box store generators. Get in touch with us for a free, on-site evaluation of your home or business needs.


Let our factory trained technicians install your next standby generator. Proper professional installation of your generator ensures it will activate when you lose power.


Standby generators are like any motor and need to be serviced annually to make sure it's in proper working condition. Should the standby generator we sell you fail for any reason, our factory trained servicemen are able to perform all repairs. We also repair standby generators that we don't install or sell. We carry a large inventory of spare parts. We are so confident we will have your spare part in inventory, that if we don't, we will take 5% off your invoice for the repair. This excludes large specialty parts such as engines, alternators, rotors, and stators.

If your standby generator was not installed by a factory trained professional, or you are concerned that it wasn't installed properly, get in touch with us! We'll dispatch a technician to thoroughly inspect your unit to make sure everything was done properly and that the unit you have is the appropriate size for the needs you require.


At DIRFY Generators, we're here to help. Allow us to give you an evaluation of your electrical power needs and show you what standby power generator best fits you.


Let the DIRFY Generators team explain the differences in our propane and natural gas generator models. These brand name units come with manufacturer warranties of up to 10 years' parts, labor and travel - depending on the make, style and model.

KW to Watts Conversion Chart

Kw = 1000 watts
7 kw generator = 7,000 watts
10kw generator = 10,000 watts

Amps = watts/volts
Output for generator and CMP = 240 volts
7kw generator puts out 29.1 amps
7000watts/240 volts = 29.1 amps

10kw generator puts out 41.67 amps
10,000 watts/240 volts = 41.67 amps

12 kw generator puts out 50 amps
12,000 watts/240 volts = 50 amps

Typical house without 220 appliances uses about 19-20 amps on each leg
Dryer = approx 22 amps
Electric range approx 40 amps
Electric hot water tank = approx 19 amps
Deep well water pump = approx 9 amps, with three times at start or up to 27 amps

Would a 10kw generator run a whole house at the same time with an electric stove and an electric dryer? A 20kw?
80% of installations are not to code or installed by manufacturer’s specs
We will review any proposal and explain what the customer is getting with no obligation

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Photo credit: House by will-qdexC1ISxmw on unsplash